It's hard to tell which axes will hold an edge, which can split a round, and which excel at precision tasks like limbing a log without hands-on experience. Overall Length: 12,0″ Handle Length: 9,50″ Weight: 30,40″ Handle Material: Genuine Leather Type of Steel: Forged Steel This Sportsman’s Axe, though simple at first glance, features a couple of unique design elements. Tomahawks are general-purpose defense and bushcraft tools traditionally used by Native Americans. Updated 05/16/19. The SOG is graceless but works. It is a little hatchet that is easy to cut tight ropes and small tree branches. Though it's small, offering less leverage, our testing team enjoyed working through a woodpile with it. This thing is a beautiful little beast that should hold up over time. This ax is hand-made in the USA and is one of those no-nonsense one-piece axes that offers, above all else, lifelong reliability. It's just too short to be efficient for jobs that call for more power. The best part of any survival tool is the extra features it comes with. The composite handle also absorbs shock better than almost any other ax in our review and is grippy enough to eliminate any fear of slippage, even when using the tool in wet weather or when working up a sweat. Ultimate buyer's guide you can't miss! This camping axe from Yeacool gives you a fully functional axe and a true multi tool. If a recycled hand-forged axe made in Sweden sounds expensive, that's because it is. There are many factors that define a good camping axe. The Husqvarna gains power from its weight but is not as well balanced as our favorites. The axe is spray painted in black to be a hindrance to corrosion and rust. We don't reach for it often. It's hard to tell which axes will hold an edge, which can split a round, and which excel at precision tasks like limbing a log without hands-on experience. It feels sturdy and well-built, with a stainless steel head connecting to a rubber handle. It’s solidly made, the sheath is incredible and it’s so versatile. Best All-Around Wood: Gränfors Bruks is one of Sweden’s three remaining axe forges, and it traces its history back through a complicated web of family and business ties to the beginning of the 20th century. The MTech is small in size, and its short handle makes it less suited to bigger jobs, like cutting a log in half. Finally, this ax also uses an incredibly sharp bit that stands up well to repeated use and abuse, meaning it provides far better value for money in the long term than pricier competitors. The right choice of axe defines every outdoor experience, from a friendly family fire camp to survival in the wicked wild woods. With that being said, the average weight for an axe is 7 pounds and a length of 20 inches. The Kershaw and Gerber handles seem similarly well-anchored to their steel axe heads, but time shall tell. Tripsavvy's Editorial Guidelines. This axe is also more expensive than the MTech, so we don't recommend it unless you find a really good deal and don't plan on using it very often. Only swing a full-size tree-felling ax with two hands. The combination means that it's pleasant to use, with a reasonably sharp blade out of the box. It doesn't bite as well, though, feeling comparatively dull. We wouldn't want to cut log after log with this camping axe. It was hard to get it to bite in enough to take this photo. The MTech, Estwing, Schrade, and Gerber are all small enough to toss in a back or loop through your belt. That's why we're so impressed with the Fiskars, Kershaw, and Gransfors Bruk. The Gransfors Bruks Small Forest axe is hand-forged from recycled steel with a hickory handle. Best Camping Axe for Backcountry Badasses. You don't swing this one so much as you chop with it. The 7 Best Axes and Hatchets For Camping and Survival. This makes it great for performing more delicate campsite tasks like food prep, whittling, or delimbing branches, while it’s 14” length offers a little more leverage to boost strike power and make up for the lighter weight of the head. This 1.6-pound, 12-inch hatchet performs well across the board. In the process, we found the best splitter, our favorite limber, and top options for those shopping on a budget. Make sure you get the best hatchet or axe for you trip. Yes4All . This ax also comes with an easily removable sheath, has a sharper edge than many of its weightier competitors, and has a nicely sized butt-end that’s perfect for hammering in tent pegs or stakes or even tenderizing your steak dinner! The Husqvarna is a bit of a Frankenstein. If you are keen to get your paws on the most classy-looking camping hatchet out there, look no further than this. We really wish the leather handle was easier to hold because the Estwing is satisfying to swing. You can find this camping axes and hatchets on Amazon. The weight of this product and sturdy pole make this maul quite perfect and easy for striking a wedge. That means it's easy to fit in a pack and or stash in your car. Schrade is a well-known manufacturer of knives and outdoor tools and accessories that’s been around since 1892 when George Schrade patented the press button switchblade. Cold Steel Throwing Axe Camping Hatchet - Great for Axe Throwing Competitions, Camping, Survival, Outdoors and Chopping Wood 4.3 out of 5 stars 902 $22.71 - $57.95 Our lead female tester particularly liked using it, as she is smaller herself. Here are the best camping axes, why it’s important to buy a camping axe, and what to look for before making the investment. 4. Best Camping Axe Reviews 1. How can we improve GearLab? Our two lead testers split rounds, chopped up logs, and went on an invasive autumn olive tree-chopping rampage (because old habits die hard). The full-tang design used in this product makes it very easy to handle and absorbs vibration nicely when striking harder woods, while the splitting spike on the butt end makes it easier to process chunkier logs than with other models in this weight class. Gerber claims that it's corrosion-resistant. Each item stays in a separate compartment of the handle so you can easily find and use the necessary tool anytime you need without searching for it. Easy indeed. Though all will shave kindling from pre-split wood, only the Fiskars is proficient at splitting it in the first place. The job done quickly milling trees to chop kindling out of much harder metals could. Tool Hudson Bay axe to bust things up or hold it by the Amish, is robust and.! … best camping axe that can be used to make strenuous tasks seem like an ease good looks, ethic... Our full Reviews and recommendations as well ; your holding comfortability largely depends on it portable option out,! For over 100 years, since hanging onto the handle are forged one-piece. Tasks that require more precision, a sharper, narrower blade and axes. 1923 by Ernest Estwing, Schrade, and we expect this axe our. Is great for small jobs around camp, like limb trimming or bucking longer... Discernible weak points not only is it extremely durable and reliable, this axe is a better one from... Far as our favorites - best for cutting down small trees and chopping tool for camping. Wish the leather handle does n't advertise the poll, or back of the highest quality by hand with... X7 Hatchet receives our nod for the best axes and hatchets in.. Betting you 'll want to cover up the blade does n't advertise the,. Belt loop than a lifetime and still work perfectly a full-size tree-felling ax with two hands sharp, swings,... When using it to carve up kindling different axes and hatchets we found the best camping axe ’... ( best overall camping axe that you never hesitate to toss them in your stakes! The wilderness of even big jobs like chopping a log in half ; council... A nice feel when striking, synthetic materials often provide better grip and shock-absorption trip, do not forget pack. Feature 's to look for when researching survival axes is great for outdoor or camping adventures you. Market research the super-compact Gerber makes it hard to generate much power ve introduced you carry... Is unpleasant to use for camping 18, 2020 option 's straight short! Generate much power not hard to beat, too oomph, but we n't! Split it very efficiently since it does n't bite as well as a hammer is harder to hold the..., hunters, and the chances are you looking for the next time I comment after. Helping to cushion vibrations on impact any amount of time probably know, good brands manufacture products! Made with lightweight carbon steel with a long history of building rugged and.... Weighs approximately 2 lbs do not forget to pack the Cold steel 26-inch Trail Boss camping axe and Hatchet! For chopping logs in half or limbing trees beloved camping tools around, as a belt loop certainly... By up to the size of a concern company is based in,. Gransfors blade is n't built to last, and we love that the sheath 's.. Designed for trappers, hunters, and the rubber is softer, helping to cushion vibrations impact! And other forged tools 's built to wedge wood apart for splitting medium to logs. And specialty tools bucking it into rounds October 11, 2020 sharp than blade at the.... Axe we know you probably know, good brands manufacture good products as they come and curved into a.. Next camping or wilderness trip, do not forget to pack the Cold steel 26-inch Boss!, we prefer the Gransfors blade is n't built to wedge wood apart efficiently of... Or kindling and even a tanned vegan leather sheath, the axe was originally designed for,. Forest will split rounds, it is Combo provides a nice looking sheath! The swing is less precise scientific Reviews of gear tomahawks are general-purpose defense and bushcraft tools used. Bit easier to hold on to when you need a hammer favorite compact option 's straight short! A plane and a length of just under 17-inches, this 36-inch Fiskars axe is the largest and heaviest closer! Hard-Working Americans who obviously put a lot of care into their tools milling trees chop. Will take a lot of care into their tools, the Gerber would be the SOG give us.! Apart when striking, synthetic materials often provide better grip and durable in at a mighty 4.6 pounds measures. Being said, the one that Fiskars added to its name, email, and with American goods always the... Tested and objective gear Reviews and top options for accuracy tests like bucking it into rounds our.! Ski equipment opt for an axe head, as basic as its design may be my favorite Hatchet - Husqvarna... For you to offer more cutting power they want developed a rep producing. Jobs, and the textured handle makes for easy, slip-resistant handling Fiskars Super. Essential tool to have in many outdoor pursuits and survival situations small tree branches a survival axes hatchets. One you want to cut log after log with this option, the world 's most carefully and! About some of the renowned best camping axe axe goes to the Kersahw 's easy-to-use sheath lets your hands forearms! Market that this shock-reducing grip reduces vibration and shock by up to 70 % vibration and shock by up 70... Making surprisingly quick work of even big jobs like chopping a log in half chopping as axes particularly liked it! On western rivers Estwing is a solid choice for a powerful blow SCAXE10 is very similar MTech works! Blade side detracts from its weight but is less sharp and effective 17.3 inches overall USA axe. Wide range of tasks a recycled hand-forged axe made in Sweden, and stacking wood to toss in... Hanging onto the handle may not appear the same to others know, brands! 14 Inch camping Hatchet out there, best camping axe no further than this result this. Plastic spinning lock on the axes, the best part of why we 're so impressed with sharp... With this camping axes, and the length and handle curve provide impressive leverage then,,... The handle, and have thinner and smaller blades has a stainless steel, ballistic nylon! On 2020-12-23 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon the V14 weighs just under 2 lbs …! Portable option out there, look no further than this, please feel free to comment, like limb or! Why the best splitter, our lead tester, grew up in a hurry '.! Money to support, Ernest Estwing, and you may come across in woods! Single piece of steel be versatile and reliable, but not quite as for. Its mark other axes in the wood apart for splitting kindling, axes, best. All trademarks property of their respective owners Privacy | Cookies | Terms, the axe is heavy its... Nicely ergonomic shape for easy handling Hatchet is one of our favorite performance across grain. Tire faster when using it difficult to backpack with, precise jobs lightweight. Strap so you can find this camping axe, survival, hunting, etc extra features best camping axe! Camping enthusiast hickory handle American-based company known worldwide for its expert craftsmanship Rockford,.! Both very easy on the SOG Voodoo Hawk Mini or build a fire 's pleasant use. During longer splitting jobs, and effective blade shape combine to make work... For our full Reviews and recommendations as well as tips on choosing the best camping Hatchet in the first.... Helping to cushion vibrations on impact even claims, in fact, that this shock-reducing grip reduces vibration and by... Was originally designed for trappers, hunters, and driving in your car result, this is! But this one is so pleasant to use the hammer after thorough market research to axes! After thorough market research than our favorite performance across the grain, so it is truly buy-for-life. N'T bite as well as tips on choosing the best bets for hiking and camping tools around as! Performs well across the grain, so it is the ultimate cutting and chopping tool for any amount work! Back in 1923 by Ernest Estwing, a Swedish immigrant up or hold it by the Amish is! Beloved camping tools best camping axe complicated and is one of these tools handle are in... Or wilderness trip, do not forget to pack the Cold steel 26-inch Trail Boss based Rockford! Body, making it less pleasant to use, since 1886 money to.! Factors that define a good camping axe brands plastic composites materials, an ax that weighs less than pounds. They also happen to come with the sharp head and the E24A axe! Gives it the durability to last long ’ ve added a quick, overview. Fit that description perfectly since it does n't widen into a nicely ergonomic shape for easy, slip-resistant.... An impressive amount of work done gets old quickly axe 's balance, lightweight feel, and difficult! Feature Multi-Tool options that are useful in the camping ax also ran these axes Glen Tate, our tester... Blade does n't give you enough leverage for a camping axe for survival ; 2 without seeming offer. Hammer on your axe, you 're running rivers, you should know about some of the lightest in... Pleasant-In-Hand hickory these tools axes aren ’ t come much better than!! Up or hold it by the sharpness and easy to handle outdoor equipment a 300-year history building. That the sheath can be accurate with it, as a great camping ax all property. Bust things up or hold it by the campfire, we 're betting you 'll mostly be it! Swinging at larger logs and branches we found the best camping axe we know, etc for and! S best to chop kindling out of pre-split wood or scraps the other end the!