The Canakkale Air Base is in the northwestern province of Canakkale. He stated that Keskin was the one who profiled people in the military and passed the information to Korkmaz. Turkey is a strange ally of the United States, and a strange member of NATO. The criminal case was based on 1,900 pages of documentary evidence, wiretaps and surveillance records and digital footprints. Managed by both the US and Turkey. A suspect named Bülent Karaaslan, a bomb expert, supplied secret US and NATO directives in bomb-making and ordnance disposal techniques to the gang. During those years a staunchly secular Turkey made significant sacrifices on behalf of the NATO alliance. Welcome to NATO on the Map. NATO has added new members eight times since its foundation, in 1949, with a total of 30 members. KABUL (AFP) - A major US air base north of Kabul was targeted in a rocket attack on Saturday but there were no casualties or damage to the airfield, NATO and Afghan officials said. us military bases, turkey-greece relations, nato, greece, crete, eastern mediterranean. The huge NATO air force base is slowly moving from Turkey to Jordan. More suspects were rounded up in the second sweep. The prosecutors and police chiefs who exposed the gang and investigated their activities were prosecuted. NATO Allied Land Command is closely monitoring the outbreak of the new coronavirus (now named COVID-19) around the world, especially those European nations and other nations bordering Turkey. Those are all good ideas, and the place to start is at the Incirlik Air Base in Turkey. In addition to the hotel room, Keskin also used a private apartment owned by Ali Ertan Yıldıran, another suspect, in downtown Izmir. Korkmaz was apparently keeping tabs on the assets she had developed in order to infiltrate secure military installations and obtain classified intelligence and documents. The government, however, refutes the allegations, saying Israel is not a NATO-member and arguing that the country does not need more protection as it already has its ‘Iron Dome’ air defense system. The inclusion of Turkey in Nato in the early 1950s was part of a sound strategy at the time. Phone records showed that he, too, had contact with Korkmaz. It is also close to the Aegean Sea, which means it has direct access to the Middle East. More recently, the US has used its air bases in Turkey to prosecute the air campaign to destroy ISIS strongholds in Syria and Iraq. It is an important regional logical air base of the Alliance. The Centre of Research on Globalization grants permission to cross-post Global Research articles on community internet sites as long the source and copyright are acknowledged together with a hyperlink to the original Global Research article. This is a problem of its own, but what makes it worse is that Turkey is a NATO member and has access to key NATO secrets and weapons. This has been clear for several years now. The indictment reveals how NATO and US security was compromised. In the end the Turkish prosecutor indicted 357 suspects including 55 active duty officers in 2013. The Luleburgaz Air Base is in the northwestern province of Kirklareli, and the Corlu Air Base is located in the northwestern city of Corlu in the province of Tekirdag. Turkey is the first country that has faced CAATSA, and it is the U.S.' NATO ally," the president said during the inauguration ceremony of Niğde-Ankara highway. Konya was a Turkish F-100 base in the mid-1970s and the air forces of Israel, Turkey, and the United States conducted their first joint exercises at the air base, codenamed Anatolian Eagle, in June 2001. Notre site en Français: Later, the U.S. flew bombing raids on Iraq from Turkey’s Incirlik Air Base during the 1990–91 Gulf War; in 2003, though, Turkey refused to station U.S. troops on its territory to … The Sarkisla Air Base in Sivas province is located in the eastern part of the Anatolian region, and the Bornova Air Base is located in Izmir province. Dozens of women’s names were listed along with photos and videos: Another piece of key evidence discovered by Turkish investigators in the house of Safiye Köten, also a suspect in the case, filled in the missing pieces as to why the gang was after NATO information. Izmir Air Station is the facility of the United States Air Force in Europe (USAFE) in Izmir, located 320 kilometers (200 miles) southwest of Istanbul. The Trump administration imposed sanctions Monday on NATO ally Turkey’s main military weapons procurement agency as punishment for its purchase of a … The note was found in a Microsoft Excel document titled ajanda.xls stored on an external hard drive and was discovered during the execution of a search warrant in the home of suspect Korkmaz. NATO’s Air Component Command Headquarters is located in Izmir and NATO’s Rapid Deployable Corps-Turkey is headquartered in Istanbul. The note attached to this file says it should not be obtained by anybody else. The culmination point for Ankara in its relationship with NATO was the Turkish air force's 2015 shootdown of a Russian Sukhoi SU-24 fighter and the killing of … Many returned to their duties in the Turkish military, advancing in the ranks despite their controversial records. There were, of course, problems with Turkey’s Nato membership before the end of the Cold War. All that has left other NATO countries struggling to calibrate their message. It made three air bases, including Incirlik, available for the Allies, enabling decisively effective military operations. Turkey has become an essential partner in this struggle by joining the coalition against ISIS. It has become yet clearer in recent weeks. Merzifon is the base of the 5th Air Wing of the 2nd Air Force Command of the Turkish Air Force. It did not elaborate, but when Senate legislation was marked up a year ago calling for sanctions over the S-400 purchase, Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu warned that should they be imposed Turkey could block U.S. access to a key air base (Incirlik), and a radar station (Kurecik) that is part of a NATO ballistic missile defense shield. “President Trump himself has admitted on many instances that Turkey’s acquisition was justified,” the ministry said in a statement. On a permanent basis, more than 5,000 American troops, as well as several hundred British and Turkish troops. And yet NATO can’t simply push it out. The West has already lost Syria. October 15, 2020 . It is assigned to the Turkish Navy’s Southern Sea Area Command. In planning for Izmir, he usually uses the Aktur Hotel, room no. Similarly, suspect Okay Yalçın, an air forces officer, leaked sensitive information on US-made Hawk medium-range surface-to-air missile systems, including a 24-page secret document titled “60G-2-2-70 Hawk Passive Engagement System.pdf.” Another document explains how the munitions loaded on F-16s should be used and under what conditions. The Turkish defence ministry rejected claims that the S-400 systems will jeopardise NATO systems. The Konya 3rd Main Jet Base Group Command was the base of NATO’s AWACS aircraft during the Iraq war. Managed by both the US and Turkey. Become Member of The material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving it for research and educational purposes. The Bartin Air Base is located in the northern province of Bartin. NATO officers deployed at a base in Turkey’s western province of Izmir were monitored by a gang that used honey trap schemes with women as bait to record intimate moments in a hotel and safe houses for blackmail and the extraction of classified information. In the same document a person code-named Sayo was listed as a top asset for the gang, and his house was also used to record the sexual encounters of military members. While teaching English to cadets, he was also tasked as coordinator and translator for matters related to NATO. Turkey formally joined NATO in February 1952. The case file indicated that some of these documents were turned over to Russia. We are making such material available to our readers under the provisions of "fair use" in an effort to advance a better understanding of political, economic and social issues. NATO base (Incirlik Base). When asked during a hearing on May 9, 2013 by judge Atilla Rahman whether he contested the findings in the expert report on the seized hard drives and other digital storage devices. Turkey allows the US military to use the Incirlik air base within the scope of NATO operations.